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Democracy deficit cannot be cured by electoral reform!

April 21, 2010

Let’s be clear, changing the electoral system, just the method we use to vote for candidates, will do little to give “we the people” more influence over politicians and public affairs. For that we need more “direct” democracy (see such as the law-proposal and the veto referendum.

People in recent decades have become more sceptical about politicians of all parties. Many have learnt that by just giving away your vote once every five or so years you have very little influence. At election time you have to choose a “package deal” of party policy, hoping for the best, and you have no chance to select and vote on particular public issues, however important some of them may be.

For our “democracy deficit” a remedy offered, at least by LibDems and Labour, is to replace our “first past the post” electoral system with a supposedly better one. The Conservative Party wants no change. The LibDems want proportional representation of parties whereas Labour offers “alternative vote”.

These changes would in no way give more “power to the people” in the long period between general elections.


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