Scotland: Quality of Independence

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Considering the Quality of Independence for Scotland

You say you want your Indepe-e-e-endnce w-e-e-ll you know,
We all wanna change the world …
(After J. Lennon)

The referendum question or proposal — as far as the public knows in January 2012has not yet been finally decided.  Let us suppose that people resident in Scotland are asked to vote for or against Scotland becoming an independent country. Maybe after the years of Scottish National Party (SNP) campaigning the “yes” voters will win in 2014.

And then?

What will we have achieved?

As a Scot, in favour of peoples’ self-determination, of power devolved to regions, localities, above all to citizens, of strong democracy in the form of rule-by-the-people … (a) … I have my doubts about the proposed decision to separate Scotland from England and the rest of the UK.

I should mention here the fact that even “full” independence, of the sort to be expected with the SNP steering the country, would be incomplete. We might remain subjugate in finance politics, if we keep the UK pound and of course if we take the Euro. Worse, much worse, from the above perspective (a) of freedom from illegitimate power is that we will remain under the yoke of the English and UK monarchy. This holds not only symbolic power but can act using the secretive and opaque “royal prerogative”, while resembling a rather powerful though unelected and hereditary (in which century do we live?!!) presidency. We do not forget that in Australia, a country with vassal status similar to that proposed for Scotland in “independence” a few decades ago the UK monarch dismissed a prime minister and forced a change of democratically elected government. Other monarchic powers are so secret that we the people are not even allowed to know what they are!!

Scots, the English need us in order to struggle for their freedom and development. Their democracy is weak and resembles an “elective dictatorship”. Their (UK) parliament is largely supine, following the whip of the interest-controlled political parties. Even their indirect (“representative”) democracy is a laughing stock among experts and a bane for the electorate. The English need our help:

— to revitalise, revise and define their constitution of state, shaking off much dust of a thousand years;

— to introduce the principle that all political power belongs to the people, not to politicians and their rich supporters, not to corporations and banks, not to princes, kings nor emperors. This means “sovereignty” of the people and of nobody else;

— to pioneer citizen-led direct democracy in order to complement, steer, check and balance the sometimes erratic governance of parties and parliaments;

— to give our humanity, solidarity, energy and creativity for all these universal ideals;

— to cajole the UK into a crucible of constitutional reform and democratic development — this could most easily be done from the inside.

Having achieved the above we could stride down a path towards richer autonomy and national independence for all citizens, peoples, regions and countries.

Let us tak’ the High Road tae freedom!


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