Censored comment: The Independent: Counterfeit democracy

Censored comment: The Independent: Counterfeit democracy

It is curious and rather sinister, that a serious news organ should repeatedly delay or censor responsible and relevant comments (such as the one below) but allow trivial and absurdly prejudiced items to be published at their web site.

INIREF comments

Ferdy Mount was a member of the Power Inquiry, which worked from 2004 until 2006 to study political power, democracy and governance in the UK. Their report “Power to the people”, still available on-line, (cited at <http://www.iniref.org/poWEr.prelim.html> ) identified and spelled out around thirty reforms of the ways in which we govern ourselves. To assess how much progress we have made, it is useful to scan the short version of this list.

Your assessment, that “to most UK citizens the link between a vote and what gets done as a result of it is so convoluted as to barely exist” would be confirmed by many.  One of the recommendations of the Power Inquiry was, not to abolish “them” (government, civil service and related) but to introduce *partial* direct democracy of the sort steered by citizens. The relevant section in “Power to the people” is, “Recommendation 24: Citizens should be given the right to initiate legislative processes, public inquiries and hearings into public bodies and their senior management.”
In reply to:

DJ Taylor, The Independent 14 Nov 2010
Whoever you vote for, the Government always gets in: We live in a counterfeit democracy, ….

“The fact that we live not in a parliamentary democracy but in a cunningly contrived counterfeit of one, where whoever wins an election the same kind of people are still working the levers of power, is not always appreciated by party activists.”

I&R ~ GB Citizens’ Initiative and Referendum
Campaign for direct democracy in Britain


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