Experts call for double referendum


Scottish independence: ‘Only double referendum can decide UK’s future’
Alex Salmond: accused of changing position on referendum day by day. By SCOTT MACNAB  Published on Thursday 8 March 2012 00:31

INIREF REPLY (comment 111):

The idea that a ballot of the Scottish people should be held to decide on whether to accept a final negotiated treaty is not new. We put this forward a few weeks ago, recommending

“A first ballot to see if there is a majority for independence. If  Yes, then Referendum II to decide on the content of a treaty with the UK. Failing to carry out the second ballot would be like buying a pig in a poke. There are many potential tricks and traps. We the People should be made aware of the treaty’s content before we must commit ourselves. The decision is very serious, will affect the lives of many generations and so should be based on full knowledge.”

See the discussion from scot.politics and other Usenet groups via

Our “pig in a poke” comparison – see Scotsman article – seems to have caught on 🙂

To be fair, we did not dream up the idea of a “treaty referendum”. Robert Hazell (constitution unit UCL) mooted this in 2002 and in 2007 the SNP conceded, “A second referendum would recognise the significance of the decision for Scotland to become independent and allow the people of Scotland the final say on the matter.” (Constitutional conversation)

The SNP’s (so far) rejection of a referendum about the completed treaty seems unwise. If the people were able to consider and decide upon matters of substance in this way there would be a better foundation for the future of Scotland and for its relationship with the (remaining) UK.


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