2011-4 SNP policy on direct democracy and referenda

PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2011 11:11 am    Post subject: SNP policy on devolution of power to electorate Reply with quote

The Scottish National Party promises to let the electorate decide about national independence in a referendum vote.But what is the SNP’s policy concerning more “power to the people”?If elected to govern would they introduce stronger, citizen-led democracy such as the citizens’ law proposition, binding referendum and the right of the electorate to veto unwanted laws?Last year the SNP was asked about this in a formal survey.

Unlock Democracy (formerly Charter88) surveyed political parties, asking,

“Direct Democracy – does the SNP have policy on increasing direct democracy – eg. Petitions committees, people’s bills, referendums”

REPLY FROM SNP: “The SNP would like to see direct democracy initiatives that would see the sharing of power with people, giving them real power and a direct say over the most important issues affecting their communities. This would include the triggering of referendums on any national or local issue once a requisite percentage of the electorate had signed a petition on the matter, as undertaken in the likes of Switzerland, the US and New Zealand. We also support a new Petitions Committee in the House of Commons, much like that of the Scottish Parliament, which encourages active involvement in the proceedings of Parliament.” Source Alexandra Runswick www.votefordemocracy.org.uk

So, the SNP say that they support stronger, direct democracy-by-the-people.

But, in their 2011 manifesto we can find no mention of democracy reform.

Can anyone explain this?

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I&R ~ GB Citizens’ Initiative and Referendum
Campaign for direct democracy in Britain

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