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Freedom, fairness, responsibility. And democracy?

June 15, 2010

I&R ~ GB comments on:

Conservative-LibDems agreement 2010. The Coalition: our programme for government. Freedom, fairness, responsibility. May be downloaded from

How about the promised shift of “power to the people”? Unconvincing. The authors of this coalition plan offer policy and democracy “for the people” but shy away from introducing effective civil participation. More

In the table (see article) we comment on and assess the national (Westminster) petition, local democracy, the tax veto, the MP (sacking) recall, how we elect our MPs, constituency boundaries and number of constituencies, local councils and a possible referendum about the European Union.

– Coalition democracy table
– Further coalition plans related to democracy
– Press articles about The Coalition plans
– Footnote: David Cameron recorded in Autumn 2009 saying that he would introduce citizen-initiated referendum both at local and national levels.



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