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Thanks for voting us in now Keep Quiet

May 16, 2010

Another  general election (2010), for we citizens the only chance to
influence — our own — public business, has come and gone.  Voters,
collectively, have again given “carte blanche” (unlimited power) to a
small bunch of politicians and their friends, to rule the “multi-trillion
concern” and human population of our countries for — probably — some
years. Then you may be allowed to vote again. In the period between you
will have no say in public affairs, even if events bring new challenges
and if politicians “forget” their promises and manifestos of ideals and

We citizens have NO SAY because we continue to accept a system of  INDIRECT democracy. This means that we elect people who behave like lord-aristocrats, with near-absolute power in the times between elections,  with power largely unchecked and policy unbalanced by sensitive feed-back and effective control.


CITIZEN-LED democracy which gives us the following powers:

How it works.
1) A BRAKE on runaway government. With the optional veto-referendum a parliamentary bill or recently passed law can be referred to the people. Say, half a million endorsements (signatures) collected with a few
months can trigger a veto referendum.

2) INPUT BY THE OWNERS The citizens’ law proposal (initiative) allows  ideas which have gathered huge support to go onto the public agenda for debate. Parliament is obliged to debate these proposals. If rejected,  the proposal goes to binding referendum of the whole electorate.  Regulations for “the citizens’ initiative” are set to avoid overwhelming  the system with proposals. This sort of democracy generates much public  debate and encourages people to become involved.

3) SACK BAD MPs The “Recall” procedures is a citizens’ initiative within  a constituency. If an agreed large number of voters call for an MP to go, a ballot must be held to decide her/his fate. If the Recall succeeds  a by-election must be held. (As a reaction to public anger about the MP  expenses scandal the political parties now offer to introduce “recall”.  Beware that they may introduce only a watered-down and toothless  procedure!)

More detail about these “DEMOCRACY APPS” may be found in www, see

I&R ~ GB Citizens’ Initiative and Referendum
Campaign for direct democracy in Britain


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