Make direct democracy an issue in UK election 2010

50 per cent say choosing Brown is unthinkable… 51 per cent claim they have no enthusiasm for Tories…
The Independent Tuesday, 30 March 2010
Even though the LibDems had a good tv spot:
iniref suggests:

The INdirect democracy of political parties and parliament has performed badly and this shows up in the anger and despair of many voters.

People see government as out of control, way beyond representation of the people, and parliament as weak, servile and, perhaps pitiably, corrupt.

Just giving away a vote to a candidate once every five years is a poor way to run and manage our (own) public affairs.

Practically speaking there is no way to abolish the political parties and institutions of government.

So how can things be improved?

THE BIG IDEA Partial Direct Democracy.

This gives us, the voters, a say in what politicians are doing in the periods between elections.

How it works.
1) A BRAKE on runaway government. With the optional veto-referendum a parliamentary bill or recently passed law can be referred to the people. Say, half a million endorsements (signatures) collected with a few months can trigger a veto referendum.

2) INPUT BY THE OWNERS The citizens’ law proposal (initiative) allows ideas which have gathered huge support to go onto the public agenda for debate. Parliament is obliged to debate these proposals. If rejected, the proposal goes to binding referendum of the whole electorate. Regulations for “the citizens’ initiative” are set to avoid overwhelming the system with proposals. This sort of democracy generates much public debate and encourages people to become involved.

3) SACK BAD MPs The “Recall” procedures is a citizens’ initiative within a constituency. If an agreed large number of voters call for an MP to go, a ballot must be held to decide her/his fate. If the Recall succeeds a by-election must be held.

More detail about these “DEMOCRACY APPS” may be found in www, see

Citizen Extra: General Election Manifesto Download

I&R ~ GB Citizens’ Initiative and Referendum
Campaign for direct democracy in Britain


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